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Split PDF

Split PDF or delete pages for free, without limits.


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What makes us unique

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No limits, for free

Transform as many large documents as you need at zero cost, without any limits on our part.


Unparalled safety

Documents are processed in your browser, never reaching anyone else.

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Incredible speed

Processing starts the same moment you ask for it. No need to wait for data transfers.



Happily handle thousands of files without worries about your data plan.

How to Split PDF into multiple files

  1. Select file

    Start by clicking on the main input button for selecting your file.

    Once you do, a window you open to let you select the PDF you would like to convert to image files. Processing is unlimited with respect to file size, and you might repeat the operation for as many files as you like, for free.

  2. Select split points

    To define at which pages the PDF should be split, simply click on the corresponding light-gray scissor icons.

  3. Optionally remove pages

    If you would like to delete pages from the PDF document, simply hover on the corresponding thumbnail and click on the Delete icon.

  4. Process files

    To start processing, click on Process.

  5. Download results

    To fetch the results, click on Download button.

  6. Optionally start again

    If you would like to start again with a new file, you might simply click on Replace document and select the new file.